Friday, August 28, 2020

[673.20] Lawyers cannot claim legal fees from frozen funds, rules court

 By V Anbalagan
The Court of Appeal has ruled that the government can recover RM398,000 from a legal firm.
PUTRAJAYA: The Court of Appeal today ruled that lawyers who represent clients in anti-money laundering cases are not entitled to claim their legal fees from funds frozen by the authorities.
A three-member bench chaired by Kamaludin Md Said said lawyers and their legal firms were not bona fide claimants to secure payments from funds declared as illegal proceeds.
As a result, the government could
recover RM398,722 from legal firm Messrs Wan Shahrizal, Hari & Co within 14 days.
“The money is from unlawful proceeds. Legal firms and lawyers are not bona fide claimants,” Kamaluddin said in allowing the prosecutor’s appeal.

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