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“Apa asas tugas Hakim Koroner dalam tugasan kes inkues?”
Samada Hakim Sesyen atau Majistret yang dilantik, tugasnya dalam mengenai siasatan kematian atau inkues adalah seperti digariskan bawah s 337 Kanun Tatacara Jenayah yang mana boleh dirujuk kepada kes Ganga Gowri Raja Sundram lwn. PP [2012] bahawa tugas seorang Majistret yang bertindak sebagai koroner adalah untuk memutuskan lima persoalan iaitu:
(i) Bilakah si mati meninggal dunia;
(ii) Di manakah si mati meninggal dunia;
(iii) Bagaimana si mati telah meninggal dunia;
(iv) Dalam apa cara si mati meninggal dunia; dan
(v) Adakah sesiapa terlibat secara jenayah dengan kematian si mati.
Setelah menjawab persoalan tersebut maka beliau perlu menentukan sebab kematian sebagaimana yang sebagaimana peruntukan seksyen 328 Kanun Tatacara Jenayah. Beban pembuktian di dalam prosiding khas ini diantara lain digariskan oleh kes Teoh Meng Kee v. PP [2014]:
It will be noted that s 328 of the CPC speaks of "opinion". The section does not stipulate what the standard of proof that has to be applied in an inquiry of death. Although s 328 of the CPC is silent on the standard of proof, of course, it cannot be said that there is no standards to be applied. That would be an unacceptable position in law. I am of the view that all that is required of the Magistrate is to arrive at an opinion applying the balance of probabilities (civil) standard test on objective basis. There must be sufficient evidence to arrive at an opinion, in particular whether the death resulted in any way from or was accelerated by any unlawful act or omission on the part of any other person.
Rujuk juga kepada kes In Re Loh Kah Kheng [1989]
menggariskan prinsip penting antara lain:
... the magistrate holds an inquiry by examining witnesses on oath and while usually following the ordinary rules of evidence, he may admit any evidence which he thinks fit, especially hearsay evidence. His duty is to ascertain the cause of death and he is not bound to follow usual procedure of law court.


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