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Pembuktian niat bersama ‘common intention’ di dalam satu kes jenayah adalah perlu bagi Mahkamah yang Mulia mengambil kira keadaan dan/atau fakta sesuatu kes. Prinsip ini telah dijelaskan di dalam kes Mahkamah Persekutuan FAROSE TAMURE MOHAMAD KHAN V. PP & OTHER APPEALS [2016] 6 MLRA 337 dimana Mahkamah menyatakan seperti berikut:-
“The existence of a common intention is a question of fact in each case to be proved mainly as a matter of inference from the circumstance of the case. Direct evidence as proof is difficult to procure because the common intention is essentially a state of mind invariably inferences have to rely upon arising from such acts or conduct of the accused, the manner in which the accused arrived at the scene, the nature of injury caused by one or some of them or such other relevant circumstances available. The totality of the circumstance must be taken in consideration in arriving at a conclusion whether there is a common intention to commit the offence for which the accused could be convicted. The facts and circumstances of each case might vary. As such, each case should be decided based on the facts involved.”
Setiap kes mempunyai keadaan dan fakta yang berlainan dan dengan itu, Mahkamah perlu meneliti setiap fakta dan keadaan di dalam sesuatu kes dalam penentuan niat bersama antara tertuduh-tertuduh.
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