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Soalan - "saya ada kes dan bila saya patut saman pihak satu lagi?"
Dalam memulakan adanya limitasi perundangan yang berbeza. Bagi jenayah, tiada limitasi bagi memulakan pendakwaan. Manakala bagi sivil am, limitasinya adalah terhad kepada 6 tahun sahaja daripada tarikh terakrunya kejadian. Manakala 3 tahun bagi melibatkan prosiding pihak kerajaan.
Bila had masa ini bermula? Antara keputusan Mahkamah mengenai isu ini boleh di rujuk kepada kes Credit Corporation (M) Bhd v. Fong Tak Sin [1991] 1 MLRA 293; [1991] 1 MLJ 409; [1991] 1 CLJ 69 yang antara lain Hashim Yeop A. Sani, CJ menyatakan bahawa;
"As stated earlier a cause of action is said to have accrued when there is in existence a person who can sue and another who can be sued, and when all the facts have happened which are material to be proved to entitle the plaintiff to succeed. In the present case on 18 June 1979 there was undoubtedly in existence someone who can sue, that is, the respondent.
There was also undoubtedly some person in existence who can be sued, amongst them the appellant. On the same date there was also in existence the facts to be proved by the respondent to entitle the plaintiff to succeed in the action. The doctrine of limitation is said to be based on two broad considerations. Firstly there is a presumption that a right not exercised for a long time is non-existent.
The other consideration is that it is necessary that matters of right in general should not be left too long in a state of uncertainty or doubt or suspense. The limitation law is promulgated for the primary object of discouraging plaintiffs from sleeping on their actions and more importantly, to have a definite end to litigation.
This is in accord with the maxim interest reipublicae ut sit finis litium that in the interest of the state there must be an end to litigation. The rationale of the limitation law should be appreciated and enforced by the courts."
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